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End-to-End Digital Workflow

From concept to shelf, Optitex is your one stop-shop for designing stylish virtual samples, developing accurate items, and producing stylish garments with maximum accuracy.

Top Quality Items


Create true to life virtual samples with perfect fit before cutting or sewing the first piece of fabric and produce accurate garments at top quality.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Endorse seamless communication across the supply chain to save time and confusion with cutting-edge tools that connect teams, partners and suppliers through digital innovation.

High ROI

Improve your profits and save time, money and resources by leveraging the use of advanced digital tools to reduce physical samples and focus on quality on-demand production.




Making instant style decisions, reviewing collections and sharing your thoughts with global teams, partners and suppliers on the digital sphere is right at your fingertips.


With unmatched accuracy and state of the art quality of product, you can easily lead fashion trends rather than react to them.

Create virtual samples with maximum accuracy while boosting efficiency throughout the supply chain.
The seamless, integrated digital platform offered by Optitex will help you shift your focus towards creativity while significantly shortening your time to market.